Min Hyo Rin Admits She Once Broke Up With Taeyang

Even the best couple in K-Pop have their ups & downs.

Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin are engaged with their wedding set for February 2018.. but that doesn’t mean their relationship was always perfect!

Min Hyo Rin once confessed that she had actually broken up with Taeyang once before, way before the news of their relationship first broke out to the public! But, thankfully, they got back together pretty quickly and all before anyone even knew they were dating.


That wasn’t just the first time that the couple had some problems with their relationship! Just like any other person, the two have gotten into a few arguments and fights since they started dating.

G-Dragon spilled the beans and revealed that when Taeyang fight with Min Hyo Rin, it’s impossible for him to hide his emotions.

“Couples have their ups and downs, depending on what their relationship is like, and for Taeyang, these moments always show on his face [through his emotions].

He’s always a cheerful guy but some days, he’ll look miserable. If he looks miserable and sighs a lot, we don’t even ask, we know they fought.”

— G-Dragon

But still, Taeyang, being the amazing boyfriend that he is, always works hard to make Min Hyo Rin happy. Daesung revealed that when Taeyang fights, he always believes it’s his fault and works hard to fix his mistakes.

“I think Taeyang is too devoted to her, once when they fought he said ‘I think my entire existence is wrong’.”

— Daesung

Taeyang’s response? Well, it’s pretty much perfect and just freaking adorable! ❤️

“I’m very lacking in this department because she’s my first girlfriend. Especially when I’m angry, I don’t know what to do. I always want to do right by her but I’m lacking, and I get frustrated at myself.”

— Taeyang

Source: Instiz

Taeyang And Min Hyo Rin's Relationship