Min Kyung Hoon’s Past Photos Go Viral As Netizens Discuss His Idol-Like Visuals

Could he join the ranks of the top visuals today?

Min Kyung Hoon has become known for his fixed cast appearance on Knowing Brothers, where he kills it with his comedic antics on a weekly basis. And while he may be known as the handsome savage on the show, a recent online community post has started to go viral as netizens discuss the former singer’s past visuals.

Min Kyung Hoon | Pandora

We may currently be used to him looking like this…

Min Kyung Hoon on “Knowing Bros” | JTBC

and like this…


but years ago, Min Kyung Hoon stunned the public with his flower boy visuals!

Min Kyung Hoon when he was younger | theqoo

Min Hyung Hoon’s flower boy visuals were so famous at his school, someone recommended he audition to be a singer, to which he unsurprisingly made it through.

Thus began his career as the main vocal of the rock band Buzz!


After seeing these photos of a younger Min Kyung Hoon, a discussion began online about whether or not netizens believed he would be popular today if he were to debut. Unsurprisingly enough, everyone seemed to agree that the singer would 100% be popular in today’s pool of handsome idols.

| theqoo
  • “He would absolutely become popular.”
  • “Of course.”
  • “Even if he were to debut now, his visuals are shocking…his vocals are incredible, his visuals are incredible. Of course he would!!!”
  • “Obviously he would.”
  • “After seeing those photos, he would definitely be popular ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.”
  • “His face provides a fundamental foundation so just think about what he’d look like if he was styled to current day trends…he’d shine so freaking bright;;; that and he’s talented, he doesn’t create controversies and his personality is adorable…obviously he would be popular.”
  • “Just look at his face. That’s a face that’ll be successful…he’s so good looking.”
  • “Of course. Firstly, his songs are really freakin good.”

It’s unanimous! Min Kyung Hoon is a certified flower boy and nothing will ever change that.

Source: theqoo