Mina Spotted Traveling With TWICE For First Time Since Hiatus

Protective Jihyo was right by her side, supporting her.

Ever since JYP Entertainment announced the hiatus of TWICE‘s Mina due to anxiety, she’s been focusing on recovering. She’s also been working hard at attending some of the group’s concerts. Fans have been appreciating the effort she’s been putting in and have noticed another major step she’s taken.

When Mina was spotted traveling before, she was typically seen with her mom right by her side.

With her mother holding her hand, she’d not only been comforted by her but gained strength by her presence. When Mina was recently seen traveling, her mother wasn’t the one by her side.

After their concert in Japan, TWICE returned to Korea. They didn’t return as eight; they were once again a full group of nine.

For the first time since her hiatus was announced, Mina was right there traveling with the rest of the group.

On her left side, Jeongyeon was there holding her hand and occasionally waving to the crowd.

On her right side, the always protective Jihyo was tightly holding her other hand. Mina was surrounded by support on all sides.

Not only did Mina attend their Japanese concerts, but she also made the effort to stay by their sides afterward.

Little by little, Mina is taking as many steps as she needs to eventually be with TWICE like before. Still, ONCEs will be patiently waiting by her side and appreciating every moment of it.