Mini Jimin In BTS’s “TinyTAN” Is So Much Like Him It’s Making Fans UWU

Prepare yourself for all the cuteness.

As if the members of BTS weren’t cute enough on their own, they’re making fans gush over them in their new cartoon forms.

After dropping teasers for TinyTAN through Twitter, they’ve made their debut in the newly released animation clip Magic Door.

As the seven of them helped a café worker with her tasks, fans couldn’t help but notice how fittingly adorable the mini version of Jimin was.

From the start, there was no mistaking who was who. While the mini versions of Suga and RM minded their business, mini Jimin popped in to surprise them, hanging upside-down. It reminded fans of a real moment where Jimin did the same to RM.

When the mini Jimin cutely ran to get the dough for the tray of egg tarts, he was just as adorable. With the dough on top of his head, he looked exactly like a fluffy jimin who wore a similar hat on his own head.

Once the dough for the egg tarts was placed in the pans, fans were even more taken aback by the mini Jimin’s cuteness. To make sure there was enough room for the filling, he plopped right onto it and tried his best to make an indent. The adorable yet serious way he did it just screamed Jimin.

To see more of mini Jimin and how well they did in making him resemble the real Jimin, check out the fun animation here. Be prepared for a cuteness overload from all the members’ mini versions.