A Mistake In TXT’s Subtitles For Their Live Has Fans Cackling

MOAs can’t get over it.

During a recent live broadcast, each member of TXT decorated their own Christmas trees and shared their memories of celebrating the holiday when they were younger.


After Yeonjun shared his sad one about Santa Claus, fans couldn’t believe what he’d said to sum it up, or at least what was written in the subtitles.

Instead of the subtitles conveying how he’d stopped believing in Santa Claus’s existence, it took a much darker but hilarious turn.

According to the words written, it wasn’t Santa that Yeonjun stopped believing in. Instead, it was Satan:

I stopped believing in Satan after kindergarten.

Funnily enough, the words Santa and Satan both have the same letters. The jumbling of them had fans cracking up at the completely different meaning. It put a whole new twist on the phrase, “Not today, Satan.”

As of now, the mistake is still in the video clip. Check it out here, starting at 25:08, to have a good laugh along with everyone else.