Let’s Compare Miyawaki Sakura’s Different Styling In Japan, South Korea, And China

Which one is your favorite??

Miyawaki Sakura (commonly known as Sakura) is known for her incredible, never-changing beauty and it’s not just acknowledged in one nation. Japan, China, and South Korea have gushed over her visuals, as everyone fights to win over the former girl group member. And while her beauty is raved about everywhere she goes, one netizen noticed that her visuals change ever-so-slightly depending on the country’s aesthetic. So let’s take a look at Sakura’s beauty and how it adapts for each country’s style!

1. China

Miyawaki Sakura | Flower Knows

First up, we have China and their bold, mature aesthetic. Sakura modeled for Chinese beauty brand Flower Knows and unsurprisingly enough, her beauty radiated throughout the entire photoshoot. With the soft, but smokey eye makeup, the former girl group member accentuated the bold, red colors of the shoot.

| Flower Knows

Alluring yet soft, Sakura radiated her mature beauty through the camera, as she posed for the beauty brand. China is known for more of their mature and alluring concepts, which goes along with the nation’s bold color, red.

2. Japan

Sakura for “MOLAK” colored contacts | MOLAK

Next up, we have Japan. On the complete opposing side of China, Japan is known for their cute concepts, as they utilize light and bright colors. The nation focuses more on the youthful and lovely features of a person, which Sakura digests perfectly. With the pink toned makeup and the soft subtle hues of the lighting, Sakura gave off an innocent and girly vibe.

| Cancam Magazine

In this particular magazine shoot, the former girl group member gave off similar cute vibes with her adorable facial expressions. While she may be dressed in neutrals, her beret and different hand motions created the cutesy vibe that Japan is known for.

3. South Korea

Sakura’s HKT48 graduation visual booklet, shot in South Korea.

Last but not least, we have South Korea. South Korea enjoys more natural looking makeup, as they try to enhance someone’s present features. Sakura donned a very natural look for this shoot, which allowed for an emphasis on her bright pink lips.

Sakura’s HKT48 graduation visual booklet, shot in South Korea.

This look is definitely a little more bold, with the darker eyeliner and fake eyelashes, but her eye makeup accentuated her big eyes rather than take away from them. Her straight hair tucked behind her ears paired with the gorgeous black hat makes for a beautiful magazine spread.

Source: theqoo