5 Iconic Performances From Mnet’s “Good Girl” – If You’ve Yet To Watch It, Here’s Why You Should

Good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught.

The show is only into its 6th episode, but it is already iconic. For those unfamiliar with the show, the format is a little different from its predecessor, “Unpretty Rapstar“, by the same channel. The show centers around the “Good Girl” team, consisting of CLC‘s Yeeun,Girls’ Generations Hyoyeon, KARD‘s Jiwoo, rappers Yunhway, Lee Youngji, Sleeq, Cheetah and Queen WA$ABII, as well as singers Jamie (previously Park Jimin) and Ailee. The team then battles against guest teams each episode, for prize money. If the lineup isn’t demonstrative enough to convince you to watch, here’s our top 5 performances on the show so far.

1. KARD Jiwoo’s “Take You Down”

As her introductory performance, the tiny powerhouse performed a rocking rendition of Chris Brown’s song, literally taking every member of the audience down as she owned the stage.

Things got heated as she performed in a suit with female backup dancers.   

If you’re not convinced yet that you might be in love with her, here’s the full performance to win you over.

2. CLC Yeeun’s “Barbie”

A brand new song written for her, it showcased her lovely charms as an idol, contrasting with her previous darker concepts on the show. The 180 turn totally surprised the audience with her range and duality. The bright song also helped her win with its addictive melody.

If it could get the famously intimidating Cheetah to bop to the song’s dance moves, we don’t stand a chance!

3. OH MY GIRL Mimi and Yooa’s “Checkmate”

The girls came as a rival guest on the show. Even if they ultimately lost to the Good Girl team, their performance stole the hearts of many as they proved their versatility, going for a concept that was the opposite of their group’s usual charms.

The duo took center stage with contrasting black and white outfits and walking canes as part of the dance.  

They totally slayed the concept.

Catch the performance in its full glory here!

4. Good Girl Team’s “Witch”

The performance made a huge splash as it brought together a strong core team of Hyoyeon, Yeeun, Jamie, Cheetah and Jiwoo. The song combines sharp rap and a beautifully haunting falsetto, as well as lyrics about the common witch hunts that go around in the industry.

The performance was total eye and ear candy due to the amount of visuals and talent in one frame.

Yeeun totally slayed that dance break! The full clip can be viewed below, but be warned – your wigs may be snatched.

5. Queen WA$ABII’s “Annyeong Jagi

Okay, we just had to include this Queen. She brought a performance that shocked all the idols present, with her raunchy, playful lyrics and dance moves.

She even went in for some audience interaction! A true performer.

Catch the full performance here, but brace yourselves!

Next week’s episode of “Good Girl” is highly anticipated as it brings together the trio of veteran idol, Hyoyeon, powerhouse vocal Ailee, and all-rounder Jiwoo, to go up against hip-hop group Rhythm Power. Stay tuned for the exciting battle match!