Mnet’s “Idol School” Has A Hidden Secret No One Can Figure Out

Mnet‘s latest survival program Idol School has a big secret that fans just can’t figure out – and it’s one of the members. 

When the first teasers for Idol School, fans were shocked to see former SM Rookies members Seo Herin featured as one of the contestants.

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Because the program is supposed to feature girls without agencies, fans assumed that Herin had left SM Entertainment before joining the show.

Evidence Suggests Herin Has Left SM Entertainment

However, fans have noticed something strange about how Herin is treated on the show. 

While the show constantly addresses the former JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment trainees’ past agencies, they have not mentioned Herin’s past as a member of SM Rookies. 

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This is especially strange because many of the teachers (Bada, Heechul, Stephanie, and more) are current or former members of SM Entertainment. 

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Lastly, Herin debuted at #4 in the rankings for Idol School

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But she’s been slowly dropping down almost every week.

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Although she’s proven to be quite popular among fans, no one can explain why she’s constantly dropping down in ranks and doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of screentime on the show.

She really is the show’s greatest mystery of all!