MNH Releases Behind The Scenes Photos of Chungha and BVNDIT on Chungha’s Radio Show

Chungha is the best senior in the world.

Former I.O.I member and current solo phenomenon Chungha hosts a radio show on EBS Radio called Listen every Sunday from 10PM to midnight KST. On her most recent show, aired Sunday April 14, she featured rookie girl group and label-mates BVNDIT on the show.

BVNDIT debuted on April 10 with their mini album BVNDIT, BE AMBITIOUS and music video “Hocus Pocus.”

On April 17, MNH Entertainment posted behind the scenes photos of the episode on twitter as well as their Naver blog.

The girls all look very close in the images provided by MNH Entertainment.

Chungha (right) hugging her reported “best friend,” BVNDIT member Yiyeon.
The BVNDIT members & Chungha pose in front of a cake made to congratulate the girls on their first radio show.

MNH Entertainment also shared images of Chungha on the set of BVNDIT’s “Hocus Pocus” music video.

Netizens can’t get enough of Chungha being a caring and supportive seonbae.

As BVNDIT just debuted we can look forward to many more interactions between the rookie group BVNDIT and their loving senior Chungha in the future.

Source: Naver and EBS Radio
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