Model Han Hye Jin Was Forced To Tape Her Ears Back For Fashion Shows

They were “too big” for the client’s aesthetic.

The fashion world is not as glamorous as it seems, as it has been revealed that fashion model Han Hye Jin was forced to tape her ears to fit in with a show’s aesthetic.

Model Han Hye Jin | Yonhap News

On the most recent episode of Radio StarKim So Yeon featured as one of the guests. Kim So Yeon is a well-known fashion show director and founder of ESteem modeling agency, which is partnered under SM Entertainment. This means she has worked with the nation’s top models such as Han Hye Jin, Jang Yoon Ju and many others.

She has earned herself the nickname, “fashion’s devil” due to her passion for the job. Kim So Yeon proved why she had the nickname by sharing a story about model Han Hye Jin. The fashion show director revealed that the details that go into a show are very precise and as the director, she has to do whatever the client wants.

The clients will have very specific details. The skin tone, the hair color are all a part of it. ‘I want them to get some tanning done’ or ‘I want their hair to be this color from the roots down’ are a few of those details.

— Kim So Yeon

Fashion director Kim So Yeon on “Radio Star” | MBC

With this, she revealed the harsh truth behind the modeling industry with a story about Han Hye Jin.

Han Hye Jin has bigger ears. When she got cast for a show, the casting director told me ‘do whatever it takes to make sure you can’t see her ears. Tape them back and bring her back to me.’

— Kim So Yeon

Photo of Han Hye Jin with the caption “refreshingly large ears” | MBC

She said that unfortunately, she had to fulfill the client’s wishes and she taped Han Hye Jin’s ears back for the show.

There was nothing I could do since that is what the client wanted. So I taped Han Hye Jin’s ears back with a lot of tape.

— Kim So Yeon

Photo of Han Hye Jin with taped back ears for fashion show runway | MBC

The remaining guests and hosts of the show were in visible shock when she shared her story. They chimed in by sharing their disgust about the situation. Kim So Yeon agreed with them, but she finished the story on a lighter note by sharing how the runway show concluded after she taped Han Hye Jin’s ears back.

While Han Hye Jin was walking down the runway, the tape on her ears slowly started to come off.

— Kim So Yeon

| ESteem

We completely agree with the Radio Star studio! While she is now one of South Korea’s top models, we still can’t imagine how Han Hye Jin must have felt when she was told her ears were too big. You can watch the full segment on the January 27th episode of Radio Star to hear the rest of the story.

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