This Mom Questions Why Celebrities Don’t Wear Masks On TV When Children Have To At School

Do you agree with her?

As positive cases of COVID-19 continue to rise in the Korean entertainment industry, people can’t help but wonder if further measures need to be taken to ensure the safety of the nation. One mother raised some important questions after her young son asked her a question while they were watching television. He asked her, “mom why are the people on tv wearing their masks incorrectly?”

Cast of “Running Man” | SBS

The young child’s question brought up a valid point that the mother felt must be addressed. Should entertainers be required to wear masks while they are filming for a broadcast? The child’s mother believes so.

I have taught my son, who has a tough time wearing the mask, that he must wear it even when he goes to school to kindergarten. When I turn the television on, however, you see celebrities wearing their masks incorrectly or not at all and that’s hard to explain to a young child.

— Ms. Han


Viewers of these variety programs are aware that celebrities who come out on these shows are not required to wear a facial covering while they film. The reasoning is shown before these shows are broadcasted through subtitles that say “this program has been conducted in compliance with strict quarantine rules to prevent the infection and spread of COVID-19”. Is this enough though?

Cast of “2 Days 1 Night” | KBS2

Ms. Han continued on with her frustration by expressing her confusion as to why celebrities are given a pass while the rest of the world is not.

Most of the world, we gave up our daily lives due to the virus but the entertainment industry continues to show off their celebrities without masks on.

— Ms. Han

| The Seattle Times

Related to Ms. Han’s questions, there has been a Blue House Petition circulating online regarding this very topic. More specifically, the petition is related to how easily young minds can be coerced, especially when it involves their favorites stars.

A lot of young viewers watch these variety programs and they are continuously exposed to celebrities not wearing their masks. It can have a huge impact on the young viewers.

— Blue House Petition

Still from “Negotiation King” | YouTube

While it may be uncomfortable, wearing a mask during a broadcast shouldn’t be unreachable. The cast of KBS‘s 2 Days 1 Night started wearing a mask for one of their episodes as well as the YouTube program, Negotiation King. Cast member Kwanghee can be seen wearing a mask throughout the duration of the episode.

Still from “Negotiation King” | YouTube

Do you guys agree with the mother and her questions?

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