This Moment From BTS’s 5th Muster “Magic Shop” Shows Why Everyone Needs A Friend Like Jimin In Their Lives

VMin are friendship goals 🥺

Every year, BTS holds an annual Muster for ARMY. As the technical definition of “muster” means the assembling of troops, BTS hosts concerts each year to meet up with ARMYs.

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Each year’s Muster has a different theme and a different setlist comprised of old and new hits. And each year, there’s always a slew of new BTS moments that warm ARMYs hearts.

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BTS’s 5th Muster: Magic Shop, BTS had a total of four concerts in Korea with two in Seoul and two in Busan and then four more later in the year in Japan. They played some oldies but goodies like “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2” and “Whalien 52” and some other B-side tracks like “Love Maze” and the iconic “Pied Piper.”

In BTS’s “5th Muster: Magic Shop 2019 Osaka Making Film”, ARMYs saw some behind the scenes footage of BTS that clarified some on stage moments later that night. One episode in particular gave us all the feels.

Before the concert, V came out sporting a new hairstyle that even he seemed a little unsure about. Of course because he’s V, and can rock just about any style or look he tries, the members were quick to tease him about his new hairdo.

V: Everyone, what do we think? Does my hair look bad?

Suga: It looks like you just woke up.

RM: It kinda looks like a sea urchin.

V: The reactions are a bit..

RM: No no, it’s cute. I think the fans will really like it.

Suga: I never said it looked bad…I just said it resembled seaweed. 😂

The members teased him as older brothers often do to show their affection for their younger siblings. But it seems like V was feeling particularly insecure about his hair that night.

That’s when Jimin came to the rescue—as V’s best friend, certified soulmate, and fellow ’95 liner, you could say that Jimin just gets V on a different level.

V: ugh..

Jimin: Honestly, I think it looks good.

Jimin: You know that when you’re up on stage you’re going to give it all you got.

Jimin noticed V’s insecurities and was quick to reassure his bestie on their way up to the stage.

Jimin: I think the fans will really like it.

It’s obvious V was feeling unsure about his look even up until the very moment BTS went up on stage, and the members tried their best to assure him.

Suga: Taehyung, it’s not possible for someone not to like something you do.

RM: Of course, if Taehyung does it, everyone’s going to like it. You know that right?

RM: Taehyungah, we only said those things because it’s a new look, but it’s cute! It’s cute.

Suga: Taehyungah, trust me. Trust hyung this once.

Of course the oldest hyung had to step in to help.

Jin: Taehyungah, I already know that as soon as you get up on stage and say “Hello, I’m V,” the fans are going to go wild.

V: I feel like I’m getting nervous for the first time in a long time.

RM: That means Taehyung’s going to do amazing today! Taehyungie said he’s nervous.

The boys regroup for a quick pep talk before they go off and head to their positions! Of course V and Suga have one last moment.

Suga: *laughs*

V: Don’t laugh!

It looks like the compliments and laughter helped V cheer up a bit before they headed up on stage, but you can still tell he was a bit nervous (so cute 😭).

Ever the professional though, V did not look bothered one bit as soon as he stepped on stage and saw the loving faces of ARMYs. BTS went on to perform their song “Love Maze,” and we couldn’t help but gush at Jimin taking the opportunity to reassure V in his own comically thoughtful way!

No matter what others say, don’t listen

Just let’em talk, whatever they say

—Jimin, “Love Maze”

These lyrics were especially significant on this particular night, and V of course understood exactly what Jimin was referring to.

You can’t beat the smiles on either of their faces after that! The two ’95ers are really a best friend match made in Heaven.

User @kookiiecore on TikTok posted the cute moment to their page and ARMYs were quick to love on Jimin for his supportive nature.

And then some more showed their support for V’s hairstyle.

V’s hyungs were right—whatever he does, ARMYs will love it!