Momo’s reaction to this couple’s PDA is priceless

TWICE‘s Momo was in a predicament when she was stuck in an elevator with a couple showing PDA.

On a special episode of Mnet‘s TWICE’s Elegant Private Life, a show about dating and relationships,  the lovely ladies of TWICE were subjected to a lighthearted prank by the production crew. Since the members of TWICE had been banned from dating the moment they signed under JYP Entertainment, the prank was all the more cruel and hilarious. The crew had each member enter an elevator with a hidden camera alone to see how they would react to a public display of affection.

Momo gingerly entered the elevator and politely waited to reach her floor. The couple immediately started kissing, prompting Momo to bang her head into the wall in playful dejection. She was a good sport about it and even laughed at the hilarity of the whole situation.

Check out her reaction below!

Momo enters the elevator with the lovely couple.

When they start kissing, she hits her head on the side of the elevator.

Red with embarrassment, Momo laughs as she exits the elevator.

Don’t forget to check out the reactions of the other members as well!

Source: Dispatch