Momoland’s Nancy Makes Disappointing Confession That Every Single Comment She Gets Is About Her Body

“From a certain point, all the online comments about me started being about my body.”

Momoland‘s Nancy recently vented her frustrations and worries in an interview with bnt.

During the interview, Nancy opened up about various aspects of her life such as her move from the States to Korea when she was little.

I lived in the States for 6 years starting from when I was 2. I was really happy. My parents always reminded me that I was experiencing two different cultures in a short period of time.

– Nancy


She also clarified that she’s not as cold and chic as people make her out to be.

I hear very often that I look cold and chic. But I actually laugh a lot, and I’m not even that chic.

– Nancy

And as many fans were probably wondering, Nancy revealed that she indeed keeps in touch with her fellow members and gets together quite often.

If any of us has a worry, we try to help each other and give advice.

– Nancy

And Nancy’s worry?

She confessed that she feels as though the fans and netizens’ focus is solely on her body and nothing else.

From a certain point, all the online comments about me started being about my body. Since I’m a singer, it’s to be expected that I’m evaluated for my singing, dancing, and style, but I don’t think how much weight I lost or gained is important. I don’t know why people are so focused on my body. I wouldn’t say I don’t care at all at this point. But it doesn’t feel as serious to me anymore.

– Nancy

And as she should, Nancy maintains a healthy diet regardless of what people have to say about her weight.

These days, I make sure to eat two meals a day, and I find that it’s important not to starve to diet. I make sure to eat a plentiful portion of healthy food made of salad or brown rice.

– Nancy

Nancy is an American Korean singer who debuted through Momoland back in 2016 and took the world by storm with her gorgeous visuals.

Although the focus of the internet has mainly been on her body until now, here’s hoping things change as she has much more to offer than just that.

Source: Dispatch