Netizens Are Loving The “Healthy” Curvaceous Figure Of This Idol

We need more representation for different body types like this in K-Pop.

This idol has received attention for her curvaceous figure from netizens…

…and it’s none other than MOMOLAND‘s Nancy!

Netizens say she has both beautiful visuals and a proportionate figure.

She looks healthy. This is the perfect body of a woman.

— Korean Netizen

MOMOLAND has revealed they usually the time to take care of their figure when they’re not actively promoting since their schedules can get hectic.


During these busy times, they focus on their inner health by getting adequate sleep and rest.


The members enjoy activities like flying yoga and pilates to stay in shape during less busy times, while Nancy focuses less on exercise.

It seems her body naturally gains weight in all the right places, and we totally envy her for it.

We hope to see more body types like Nancy’s praised in the future to give representation to different kinds of figures in K-Pop!

Source: Q2HAN and dkpopnews