MOMOLAND’s Nancy Fangirls Over BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Calls Her “Queen”

Jennie has a new fan!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is collecting even more fans among fellow idols!

In a June 7 Instagram LIVE, MOMOLAND‘s Ahin and Nancy talked about a then-unknown fact about the latter.

Apparently it was a “secret” that Nancy likes Jennie!

Nancy liking BLACKPINK’s Jennie was a secret.

– Ahin

The main vocalist said it was cute watching her become Jennie’s fan.

It’s cute seeing Nancy‘s reaction [to] Jennie. She’s like… like falling in love with her or something.

– Ahin

Nancy only had one thing to say in return: “She’s queen!”

Back in 2018, netizens slammed Nancy for supposedly “glaring” at BLACKPINK in an episode of Music Core.

Now fans know that she was really just shy in front of her idol!