Netizens Can’t Believe Their Eyes After Seeing Momoland Nancy In Her Halloween Costume

“Is this for real?”

On Momoland‘s V Live, all the members dressed up in festive Halloween costumes. However, member Nancy stood out amongst the rest of the girls due to her homage to the one and only Hollywood icon, Marilyn Monroe.

While she may have not been wearing the iconic white dress, the short blonde wig, bright red lipstick and blue contacts made it very obvious who she was dressing up as. Nancy blew everyone away in a hot pink dress and matching gloves.

Netizens couldn’t believe her resemblance to the famous Hollywood star. Here’s what they had to say:

| theqoo
  • Omg wow she’s so pretty
  • Damn they look the same
  • Revived…?
  • Wow she looks exactly the same
  • Wow she looks insane
  • Damn
  • F***
  • I can’t even see Nancy’s normal face how fascinating
  • Wow she looks really similar
  • Wow…


Her praises did not stop there as more netizens chimed in with their opinions on Nancy’s transformation.


| theqoo
  • What the, they look the same
  • Damn it looks like it was edited by CG, she’s so pretty
  • Is she mixed? Is she a foreigner?
  • This can’t be real
  • Wow she’s so f***ing pretty, she looks really similar
  • It’s like she was revived. Is this for real?
  • Her dad is white and her mom is Korean
  • This is literally insane. Damn
  • Damn, she’s really f***ing pretty
  • Unnie you should go to Hollywood


I think it’s safe to say that the netizens are correct on this one. Nancy makes one incredible Marilyn Monroe!

Source: theqoo and Naver