MONBEBE Have Discovered a “Small” Pattern With These Photos

MONBEBE can’t handle the “smol” in these pictures.

On April 2, MONSTA X uploaded a series of videos and pictures behind the scenes from their “Shoot Out Japan” high touch event. But after seeing one particular photo, MONBEBEs recognized a pattern.

The picture shows member Kihyun standing on a chair peeking over a room divider to talk to MONBEBE on the other side. Once MONBEBE recovered from the cuteness overload, they realized that this scene looked very familiar…

A similar scene had taken place at the group’s Spotlight High Touch event in Japan a year before! And again, 6 months later, at MONSTA X’s Livin’ It Up High Touch.

Kihyun stands at a height of 5’9″ (175cm), so he’s not technically short, but he is the shortest member of MONSTA X (along with I.M). That, plus him standing on a chair, Kihyun exuded too much “smol” energy and MONBEBE couldn’t handle it.

What Kihyun lacks in height, he makes up for with his larger-than-life voice that gives MONSTA X a signature sound.


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