Monbebes Are Angry Over Fellow Fans Invading Monsta X’s Privacy

“Taking pics and following someone around w/o consent is called stalking…”

Fans are livid after video clips and accounts surfaced online that detailed the measures fellow fans go through to invade MONSTA X’s privacy. 


The group is currently in the United States for their world tour, The Connect.


Fans have become angry about clips of fellow fans waiting outside their hotel, basically stalking them and, at one point, reaching out to claim a hug from Hyungwon were posted online. 


There have been accounts that the members were also followed during their rest days, leading fans to post detailed accounts about basic etiquette.


Monbebes have found these invasions of privacy especially egregious considering the amount and level of fan service MONSTA X already provided at their official concert… _including_ a hi-touch event!


The issue further came to light after news of Nam Joo Hyuk being inappropriately touched at a recent fancon was brought by the Korean media. 

Nam Joo Hyuk Suffers From Fan Girls Constantly Touching Him Inappropriately at Filipino FanCon


As MONSTA X continues their tour many are hoping that the outrage will have been enough to warn fellow fans coming to see them.