Monbebes Brought Their Protest For Wonho Right To Starship Entertainment’s Doorstep

“Starship, you cannot erase Wonho.”

Back in October of last year, Wonho announced his departure from MONSTA X following the controversies surrounding him. After Starship Entertainment then terminated their contract with him, fans didn’t take the news well.

Less than twenty-four hours later, Monbebes went to Starship Entertainment’s headquarters and posted notes all over the front of the building as a form of protest. Ever since then, they’ve been using various methods like billboards and hashtags to protest the decision.

In their latest one, fans have taken it back to where all the protests started: Starship Entertainment’s building.

MONSTA X Fans Covers Starship Entertainment In Post-Its As A Sign Of Protest Of Wonho’s Departure

Instead of plastering anything on the building that could easily be removed by the company’s staff, fans came up with something more clever. They paid for a truck with a big screen to sit right in front of it, playing clips of the group as seven members to include Wonho. Monbebes even included a powerful message.

Written in both English and Korean for more people to understand its meaning, the message that flashes on the screen reads,

Starship, you cannot erase Wonho. Your company’s success was built partially on his back. Give him credit where it is due, musically and artistically.

That wasn’t the only stop for the truck, either. It carried their messages around the neighborhood for all to see, including this one:

Keep your commitment to your artists. Protect them physically, mentally, and legally. Carry out your promised legal assistance to Wonho and clear his name.

Image credit: @cuzimafighter7

Monbebes’ love and support for Wonho have kept going strong, especially with everything that’s happened. They just want the best for him and will fight to get it.

Check out Monbebe’s latest form of protest in support of Wonho here.