MONBEBEs Pour Out Support for MONSTA X’s Jooheon After Controversial Video Uploaded to Twitter

MONBEBEs came to the rescue.

On April 28, MONSTA X‘s Jooheon uploaded a video of him eating ramen in Japan that caused a stir due to the Japanese men in the background using a racial slur for Korean people. Jooheon has since deleted the video, and fans are split in opinion of whether or not the slur was directed at Jooheon or not.


The video didn’t stop at Twitter, though; Korean news sources have also gotten a hold of it.

MONBEBEs are hurt that Jooheon inadvertently became the face of such an ugly issue, so they started the #WeLoveYouJooheon hashtag on twitter.

MONBEBEs aren’t going to let any hatred dim the light of their love for Jooheon as well as the rest of the MONSTA X members.

MONSTA X are currently in Japan for their Japanese Fan Concert “PICNIC”.