MONSTA X Chooses The Most Handsome Member Of The Group

He proved it in a way that all of them couldn’t deny it.

While all the members of MONSTA X are visuals in their own right, the group ended up choosing which one took the crown for being the most handsome during their sit-down with Seventeen.

| @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

Taking all but two votes, the majority of fingers pointed at Hyungwon. Minhyuk contributed it to his new hairstyle, “Long hair.” Still, they couldn’t let him take the crown without proving it.

| Seventeen/YouTube

When Kihyun and Minhyuk requested his most handsome pose, Hyungwon provided a model one along with a cuter version. That wasn’t enough for Minhyuk. Hyungwon knew exactly what to do next.

Tapping into his comedian side, Hyungwon decided to go all out by revealing his forehead. This time, Joohoney was the one shouting, “No!” They all burst into laughter.

No one could deny Hyungwon the crown for most handsome after his funny display.

| Seventeen/YouTube

Watch MONSTA X’s vote for the team’s ultimate visual take a hilarious turn.


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