MONSTA X Is Here To Destroy The Meaning Of Masculinity

They’re the woke idols we need.

During a candid interview with British GQ, MONSTA X talked about the concept of masculinity after explaining their stage outfits. Their thoughts on the topic were refreshing and something many could benefit from hearing.

Minhyuk began by saying, “I don’t think the world appreciates things in the right way, in my opinion,” indicating that people perceive only what they wish to. I.M asked what masculinity was in current society because it’s hard to define and everyone has their own meaning.

When asked what masculinity was to him personally, I.M gave an honest answer, “Having a d**k.” But, that only applied to himself. He made it clear that loving yourself is what’s important because “we don’t think that women should be like ‘this’ and men should be like ‘that.'”

Joohoney then stepped up. It didn’t matter to him what people thought masculinity and femininity were. What matters is MONSTA X’s resolve to put on the best show they could because…

We do what we’re good at.

MONSTA X doesn’t have time to think about what people believe they should be based on the general concept of masculinity. They have their own meanings and they know themselves well enough to stick by it.

Source: GQ UK