If MONSTA X Were Famous Internet Cats This Is Who They’d Be

If MONSTA X were actually Internet famous cats instead of idols, this is who they’d probably be.

Shownu – Shironeko

Shironeko is one of the happiest cats in the whole world! This Japanese cat is content and happy, just like MONSTA X’s kind leader!

Image: Shironekofans

Wonho – Nala Cat

Nala Cat is a Siamese and Tabby mix. She’s wild, a little cross eyed and full of spirit. Her undying energy and curiosity is a match to Wonho!

Image: Nala Cat

Minhyuk – Tingeling

Tingeling is an energetic little ball of fur. This Scottish Fold from Norway, Tingeling is a sweet kitten who is always running after something. She’s also the comic relief in her house – like Minhyuk.

Kihyun – Reggie The Cat

Reggie’s owner describes him as “Strikingly handsome boy” whose  “eyeliner is better than yours.” Reggie’s insane beauty and delicate but strong features are an exact match to MONSTA X’s visual god, Kihyun.

Image: Little Lord Reginald

Hyungwon – Maru, Master of Boxes

Maru is a Scottish Fold from Japan who is famous for loving boxes and sleeping. His calm, warm, cuddly personality reminds us of one Hyungwon – who is the same!

Image: Out of This World X

Jooheon – Benny

Benny cat is the kind and loveable Scottish fold from Korea who went viral for loving BenBro – their owner’s son! Benny adores everyone he meets and has great big shiny eyes. There’s only one person who comes to mind – Jooheon.

Image: Park_kkone

I.M – Venus The Two Face Cat

Don’t let looks deceive! Venus cat may have a strong look but is really very soft and sweet. Like I.M, Venus is playful, protective, and loving.

Image: Venustwofacecat