MONSTA X Reveals The Heartwarming Thing Fans Do That Makes Them Feel Super Happy And Special

It makes them feel like superstars!

MONSTA X appeared on Seventeen to answer 17 questions, revealing details like who their favorite K-Pop groups are, where they want to live, and things fans do that make them happy.

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Like many K-Pop idols have mentioned before, Kihyun said he loves when fans sing along with them during concerts, and hearing them scream in excitement. But now that they haven’t been able to hold an in-person concert due to COVID-19, they haven’t been able to hear their fans’ cheers.

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Minhyuk on the other hand, wanted to mention something else fans do that makes them feel extra special, something that not even COVID-19 can stop.

He said the heartwarming letters they receive from all around the world makes them truly feel like superstars!

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