MONSTA X Revealed How It Felt To Work With Snoop Dogg

They also shared what sparked the collaboration between them.

When MONSTA X had a sit-down with iHeartRadio, the group revealed how their collaboration with Snoop Dogg became a reality and shared the experience behind it.

Snoop Dogg | snoopdogg/Instagram

Once “How We Do” was mentioned, Joohoney expressed how unbelievable it seemed. He said, “The soundtrack for ‘The SpongeBob Movie’ and collaborating with Snoop Dogg sounded unrealistic at first.

He then elaborated on why it was such a dream come true, “Because both the artist and movie are very famous.

On the music process, I.M said, “And we didn’t get a chance to work in person with Snoop, but the chance came…and the music came out.

Although they couldn’t meet in person, MONSTA X appreciated the opportunity and being part of something they watched “growing up.

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Watch the group talk about the “How We Do” collaboration with the legendary rapper Snoop Dogg, along with the fun track.