Here’s MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Also Swooning Over Shownu’s “Spiderman” Fashion

“What, are you Spiderman or something?”

During MONSTA X Shownu‘s latest live broadcast session held February 15, 2020, he received a phone call from his teammate Hyungwon who had a lot to say about Shownu’s most casual lounging fashion!

In the broadcast, Shownu sported a simple white T-shirt which he revealed to be XL in size:

This shirt is actually extra large in size… but I think it shrunk because I washed it too many times.

— Shownu

After sneaking a peek at Shownu’s live broadcast fashion, Hyungwon called to share his thoughts.

So… The shirt you’re wearing is like… What, are you Spiderman or something? It is literally skin tight on you…! What are we going to do?

— Hyungwon

Shownu, feeling a bit shy after Hyungwon called out the super fitted outfit, tried to explain that it’s the same shirt he always wears when he’s lounging with the members. Hyungwon then playfully revealed the real reason he brought up the shirt!

Shownu: What…? No, this is the same Hanes shirt I always wear though…
Hyungwon: I’m teasing you because I mean, my shirts don’t ever fit me tight like that. I’m simply fascinated by the visual.
Shownu: Haha, but I’ve worn this in front of you, yesterday and the day before that too.
Hyungwon: I know. I’m just saying I personally tend to get a lot of air flow in my T-shirts. So I might be jealous.

Sounds like Hyungwon is also whipped for Shownu’s superhero bod. Monbebes know exactly what Hyungwon means. Who isn’t fascinated by this visual?

Listen to Hyungwon fanboy at Shownu here: