MONSTA X Hyungwon’s Idea Of Romance Had Them Losing It

He had everyone cracking up, from Minhyuk to the staff.

Without trying, MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon can make headlines for his eye-catching visuals and versatile style. There’s another area where he effortlessly succeeds: comedy. During a segment in MONSTA X’s NEWTROLAND, everyone was amused by his unintentionally hilarious response to a romantic scenario.

In episode seven, the group learned the old-school way of writing love notes via notebooks, with some fun help from Shownu. To better understand those love jang, they had to fill in the blanks of some of the lovey-dovey lines.

They had to come up with the response to, “Moon, what’d you do if I die?” Though clueless about what the correct answer would be, most of them did their best to stay within the romantic theme.

Minhyuk didn’t think they’d let their love die alone, “I’ll die with you, so don’t leave me.Kihyun thought similarly, focusing on their lack of will to live without their love, “There is no reason for me to live.

According to Minhyuk, Shownu said only what he would’ve said, “Don’t die, but stay for a lifetime.Joohoney tied it back to the moon, “I wanna love like the sun.” That’s when they switched into comedy mode.

Making them laugh with a pun, I.M confidently wrote, “That horse is my horse.” When all of them laid eyes on Hyungwon’s guess, they completely lost it.

Minhyuk laughed at the top of his lungs, followed by his members and even the staff. Hyungwon threw out the concept of romance altogether and jumped right to the death part, “I’m gonna hold your funeral and follow three days later.

Minhyuk and Kihyun had been the closest to the real answer: “I can’t live without my heart.” Finding that out only made Minhyuk more curious about Hyungwon’s hilarious answer, “Why wait three days to follow?

Making them laugh once more, Hyungwon’s gentlemanly side came out, “I need to carry the coffin out!

Although Hyungwon may not be romantic in the sense that he’ll make spur of the moment decisions, he’ll definitely make sure all the bases are covered by planning carefully. See him crack up everyone, from his members to the staff, over his hilariously realistic approach to romance.