A Senior Male K-Pop Idol Is Rapidly Gaining Fans Thanks To His New Muscular Physique, And We Totally Understand Why

Is it getting hot in here? 🥵

MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon has many new fans!

Hyungwon | @coenffl/instagram

Though he’s always been a hot topic for his visuals ever since appearing on the survival program NO MERCY, his looks only keep getting better with age.

The most recent characteristic about him that netizens are loving is his bulked up physique. Especially when wearing plain t-shirts, his muscular arms were clearly visible.

Koreans couldn’t help but praise him, saying, “I seriously love him,” “How can his waist be so slim but his shoulders be so wide?” and “What is this? Is he human? His proportions are crazy.”

They also reiterated one of the most common compliments that he receives: he looks like the male lead of a romance comic book.

| @coenffl/instagram

Hyungwon had a slim frame for most of his career. After hitting the gym more regularly, not only his fans but also his friends and trainers were happy to see his growth.

Hyungwon also gained more interest after appearing in the YouTube channel of rising star Young Ji. Their drinking episode together garnered over 8.5 million views and even more media impressions. From the moment she laid eyes on him for the first time, she freaked out because of his outstanding visuals.

What should I do! I’m surprised because he’s so handsome.

— Young Ji

Whether he has a thin frame…

…or a bulked up one, Hyungwon will always be a top visual!

| @coenffl/instagram
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