MONSTA X’s I.M Reveals The Reason He Paints His Nails Black…And It’s Not What You’d Expect

At least he’s honest…? 🤔

Fans have noticed MONSTA X‘s I.M enjoys wearing black nail polish on occasion…but is there a specific reason?

He loves to portray an edgy image, so maybe the black nails help increase that.

Maybe it’s just a cool accessory he doesn’t think too much of, just like a nice ring or watch.

Is he trying to break gender stereotypes or bring attention to a specific cause?

It turns out, Joohoney was also interested in the reason.

I.M revealed his motive and his reason may not be what you thought.

Actually, I don’t like to find dirt under my finger nails.

— I.M

The members cackled at his unexpected answer.

Regardless of his silly reasoning, it turns out he may have inspired some other members to rock the trend, too!