MONSTA X’s I.M (Jokingly) Gets Upset At Fans For Cheating On The Group With Golden Child’s Bomin

Honesty is the best policy.

Monbebe are known to be so partial to handsome men that MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk once called them out on radio for loving handsome people way too much. Sadly for the group, it doesn’t just apply to the members themselves. Recently, I.M playfully got upset with his fans when he heard that they had been stunned at Golden Child‘s Bomin and his gorgeous looks.

Golden Child had been guests on I.M and Kihyun‘s regular radio show. Kihyun noticed that Monbebe had been going crazy in the live comments section whenever Bomin’s face was captured on air.

Bomin looked both shy yet happy at the statement.

He shared that this had happened before with Monbebe, during a filming for Idol Star Athletics Championship. During the filming, when he had coincidentally walked past the section where Monbebe were sitting, Monbebe had clapped for him and his beauty.

I.M only had one thing to say about it. He immediately fired off a short but snappy one-liner, “That’s so-so of you, Monbebe.” On the other hand, Kihyun hilariously praised fans for being honest and staying true to their roots, forgetting about saving face or shielding themselves in the process.

Needless to say, the relationship between MONSTA X and Monbebe has always been great. Fans began to joke around in the comments of the YouTube posting once more.

  • “It’s only polite to tell a handsome person that they are. As we are conservative-bebes, we need to keep up etiquette. It can’t be helped.”
  • “But Choi Bomin is really handsome… Monbebe’s handsome radar is accurate…”
  • “But our hearts only respond to MONSTA X”
  • “But today, whenever Jibum and Bomin were given a solo shot on air, the live comments were all wallpapering that they were handsome kkkkk But the hosts are handsome too, we complimented you guys so much!! We kept spamming that both host and guest were legendary today!! Yoo Kihyun was crazy with the skinny jeans and Im Changkyun (I.M) in a checkered shirt was also crazy.”

Check out the moment for yourself below.