MONSTA X’s Hyungwon And I.M. Revealed They Plan To “Bulk Up” With Muscles

Too hot to handle.

MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon and I.M. revealed their fitness goals during an online broadcast and it may delight fans to know that eye candy in the form of muscle is coming their way.

I.M. noted that Hyungwon was getting into working out and that his goal was to “bulk up.”

Hyungwon was surprised that I.M. caught on to his latest endeavor, but the cat’s out of the bag now.

Hyungwon admits more than just being fit, he wants to put on some muscle and increase the size of his physique.

I may not be able to show my muscles to you, but I will see them in the shower.

— Hyungwon

Though it’s a difficult and tedious process, he says he will try his best.

He also reveals I.M. has a similar goal to gain muscle and has even caught him admiring his own physique.

I.M. was wearing a bathrobe after working out. He was looking at the mirror alone … I thought he was having a staring contest with someone else. What’s wrong with him? Is he having a fight with someone?

— Hyungwon

As it turns out, he was only admiring his six-pack abs.

Hyungwon notes there are many types of muscular bodies. Some are more slender, while others are a bit sticker.

People have different preferences [when it comes to ideal body type.]

— Hyungwon

They’ve both decided they want to increase their physique a bit and Monbebe are rooting for them both…

…even though they are loved just the same with or without muscles!