MONSTA X’s Joohoney Reveals Why He Admires BIGBANG’s G-Dragon And Wants To Meet Him

Here’s why G-Dragon was the first person Joohoney thought of to meet.

On top of the many artists that MONSTA X wants to collaborate with, the group shared some of the people they wanted to meet most. For Joohoney, he revealed why BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon was his top pick.


During a round of 17 Questions with Seventeen, the magazine asked the group which “inspirational person” they wished they could meet. I.M, Minhyuk, and Kihyun wished to meet their late grandparents. Switching gears, Joohoney said, “I’d like to meet G-Dragon.

The members nodded in agreement as Joohoney shared why G-Dragon is so well-known and respected, “I think he’s been inspiring to a lot of people, in Korea and in general.

Despite G-Dragon and BIGBANG not releasing any new music in years, the group’s influence is so strong that both older and newer idols are still inspired by them.


In fact, since both of them are talented rappers, it makes sense that G-Dragon’s experience and versatility as an artist would be inspirational to Joohoney.


See Joohoney voice the thoughts of many when sharing his admiration for the legendary idol.