Veteran Actor Has The Most Unexpected Reaction To MONSTA X Joohoney’s Iconic “Kuku-Kaka” Aegyo

Aegyo King, indeed. Well deserved! 🥺💕

In the latest episode of SBS channel’s Master In The House, MONSTA X‘s Joohoney had the chance to show off his “signature aegyo”: The Kuku-Kaka.

MONSTA X’s Joohoney on “Master in the House.” | @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

Joohoney had his co-stars, like comedian Yang Se Hyung and singer Lee Seung Gi, holding their breaths…

…as he worked up the aegyo—explaining it comes from “a cute little friend” alter ego from “deep down inside.”

Soon, Joohoney pulled off the best version of Kuku-Kaka yet…

…and his co-stars could not hold back the laughter! In fact, veteran actor Kim Eung Soo found Joohoney’s aegyo so adorable and entertaining…

…that he decided to pay cash for the show! Shuffling two ₩50,000 KRW (about $40.70 USD) bills from his wallet, the actor handed the money to Joohoney.

Though completely unexpected, Joohoney accepted the cash gift…

…and immediately pulled another aegyo move to show appreciation!

This makes Joohoney the first K-Pop male idol to get paid cash for aegyo on national television. And that? Well, that’s king sh*t!

| theqoo
  • “I know what Kuku-Kaka is but I still cracked up when he said it in the video. He’s frickin’ adorable. Haha.”
  • “I’ve been watching his videos these days. He’s f*cking cute, LOL.”
  • “HAHA! I can watch this over and over again and I’ll never get sick of it. LOL. I love Kim Eung Soo’s reaction.”
  • “So cute! LMAO.”
  • “Haha, Joohoney didn’t hesitate to give them the best version of [his aegyo]. [Kim Eung Soo] must have liked that energy of his.”
  • “Take my money, too!”
  • “Wow, Kim Eung Soo is such a cool dude. Haha. I love when Joohoney is channeling his inner cute spirit for this. LMAO.”
  • “NGL, Kim Eung Soo actually had that ‘dad’s-best-friend’ vibe when he handed Joohoney the cash. Haha.”

Watch the full interaction here:

Source: theqoo