MONSTA X’s Joohoney Has One Item That He Absolutely Cannot Go Without — A Hat

He always has a hat with him:

There’s always been one consistent item that has been a part of MONSTA X Joohoney‘s wardrobe — his hats! Whether at the airport, fanmeetings, or even on stage, more often than not, Joohoney can be spotted rocking a chapeau.

From snapbacks to berets, they’ve become a staple part of his attire and as such, of course, fans have always been curious to know a little bit more about his love for the charming headwear.

Luckily, during a comment interview with Esquire Korea, Joohoney revealed a little bit more about his cap obsession. Asked how many hats he actually has, Joohoney kicked off the topic by revealing he has “countless” hats in his collection!

And he’s always got one of his many hats close by! Explaining why, he said, “If I keep my hat in my bag or if I don’t have my hat with me, I get really anxious.”

He even revealed that he had a hat off camera waiting for him.

With or without a hat Joohoney always looks flawless but knowing a little bit more about his love for hats has fans even more charmed by the collection. Learn what other topics Joohoney dished on in the video below:


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