MONSTA X’s Joohoney Gets “Offended” By Basic Internet Interview Questions

Joohoney was DONE.

MONSTA X joined WIRED to answer the web’s most searched questions about the group, and Joohoney just wasn’t that impressed by some of the questions.

| WIRED/YouTube

Joohoney was adorably confused from the get go, as their first question was “Who are MONSTA X?”

After realizing that the question and answer was indeed that simple, he got comfortable and added “most handsome guys” to the group answer. The group was confronted with another similar question, asking if they were a K-pop group and Joohoney once again made a confused face.

But perhaps the question that set him off the most was “Is MONSTA X popular in Korea?”

While this type of “interview” from WIRED doesn’t typically ask particularly deep questions since they are based on the most popular internet searches, Joohoney and the rest of the members just didn’t seem that impressed by the questions. You can watch the video below!

Source: WIRED