MONSTA X’s Kihyun Earns His Hamster Nickname With His Unique Snacking Habit

Even MONSTA X didn’t see it coming.

MONSTA X‘s Kihyun is lovingly called a hamster by fans because of his chubby cheeks that resemble one.


In a clip from their Two Tuck Gum series, there’s an even funnier reason why he’s earned the name.

Hyungwon read a question asking what Kihyun does when they’re on long flights. Since they’re often traveling and spending a lot of time together, he didn’t need any time to think through his response.

There were three things that Kihyun requires: movies, food, and peanuts. Just hearing how accurate Hyungwon had been made him agree wholeheartedly, “Oh, Yes!”

Hyungwon wasn’t the only one laughing at Kihyun’s enthusiasm; his habits entertained them all. When he shared the detail of eating seven bags of peanuts on each plane, they really couldn’t hold back their laughter.

About 7 bags of peanuts per plane.

His peanut intake made I.M say what everyone, including Monbebe, would be thinking:

No wonder you’re a hamster.

See Hyungwon open up the reveal for Kihyun’s hamster habit.