MONSTA X’s Kihyun Claims He’s Actually Not As Teeny Tiny As Monbebes Believe

“I’m never going to fit in that luggage!”

The hot men of MONSTA X are, generally, handsome and tall — with their gorgeous faces and long limbs.

Visual on the handsomeness

Monbebes know though, Kihyun is on the shorter side of the height spectrum of the members. He has been endearingly nicknamed the group’s hamster for being the UWU cutie among giants.

At MONSTA X’s recent fan concert, MX HOME PARTY, however, Kihyun got cheeky and decided to set everyone straight: He is not smol, no, not at all. He quoted, “I actually really wanted to share this one day.”

Then Kihyun proudly clarified that he is a whole 174.8 centimeters tall, which is approximately 5’7″…

… and that he wears large sized tops too!

He teased, “Sometimes I come across comments on the fan cafe like, ‘Oh I could probably fit Kihyun in this luggage’ or whatever…”

Visual on Kihyun with a luggage

But guess what, Kihyun said that it is quite unlikely — considering his 5’7″ L-sized hot bod.

I’m actually a lot bigger than you guys all think, okay? I’m never going to fit in that luggage.

— Kihyun

Monbebes couldn’t stop laughing at Kihyun’s playfulness — and promised to remember that Kihyun is a big boy…

… but alas, they still can’t stop the desire to “fit the hamster in the luggage“, so to speak.

Watch the full clip here:

Source: THEQOO