MONSTA X Knew Just How To Push Hyungwon’s Buttons

He had some choice words ready for them.

After facing Hyungwon‘s attacks, MONSTA X couldn’t wait for a chance to pay him back with the same exact savageness.


When the time came, they didn’t hold back. Since Hyungwon hasn’t released any music as DJ H.ONE recently, that’s where Joohoney started poking the bear. It was so powerful for the first attack that everyone laughed, even Hyungwon himself.

Is DJ H.ONE still alive?

To rub salt in the wound, Kihyun pointed out that it’s been so long since Hyungwon had taken on his DJ H.ONE persona that his mixing board was covered in dust.

I [heard] dust settled on your DJ mixer.

Hyungwon was so over their jokes that he came up with his own. He held up the machine attached to his hand, asking if he could use it as a weapon to eliminate them all.

Would doing this kill them?

They found Hyungwon’s playful threat far funnier than all the attacks they’d come up with. They instantly burst into laughter. Joohoney was completely K.O’d, falling forward as he laughed.

Hyungwon doesn’t talk often. When he does, it’s always something worthwhile. See Hyungwon deliver the ultimate comeback to their attacks.