MONSTA X’s Manager Stops Kihyun Sharing A Story About His Dream… For The Most Hilarious Reason Ever

Do you believe in dream superstitions?

Recently, during a fan sign event, a fan of MONSTA X’s Kihyun let him know that they bought lottery tickets based on the numbers that he gave them. He also revealed to the fan that he had a dream that made him by a lottery ticket too! But his manager stopped him from explaining the dream. Here’s why!

Fan: You know how you gave me lottery numbers last time?

Kihyun: OH YEAH! What happened?!

Fan: You only got two right.(Kihyun welps)

Kihyun: Wait, today’s lottery day!

Kihyun: I bought one this week.

Kihyun: The thing is… While I was in quarantine, I had this dream—

Manager: Don’t talk about the dream!

Kihyun: Oop— But it’s okay to talk about the fact I had the dream, as long as I don’t discuss what it was about. Right?

Kihyun: I can’t tell you what the dream was, but I looked it up and it was [a good luck dream]. So I went and got myself a lotto.


Koreans believe in dream interpretations and there are certain “dreams” that are considered lucky. It is, however, considered to “un-do” the luck of a dream if you talk about it. Based on this superstition, Koreans also “trade” or “sell/buy” these “lucky” dreams to those who need good luck (e.g. A mom who has a solid “lucky dream” might “sell” it to her daughter who is about to take a big test, etc.).

Some examples of thematic dreams that point to “wealth,” “winning,” and “good luck” include seeing/picking up gold, watching a big/burning sun rise, getting eaten by a dragon, losing blood (getting bloody), seeing/hearing specific sets of numbers, and/or getting pregnant. So if you ever have a good dream, maybe it’s time to buy that lottery ticket!