MONSTA X Revealed Which Member Has The Most Male Fans

They also revealed which member has the most noona fans.

Since MONSTA X‘s strong performances and concepts also appeal to male fans—in the form of idols and non-idols—the members revealed which member is the most liked by them.

| @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

When starring on a segment of IDDP to search themselves on the internet, they found a section that listed which fanbase each member had.

As soon as they clicked to find out who had the most noona fans, or older sister fans, they all agreed that Shownu fit. Hyungwon and Joohoney both said, “It’s accurate.” There was another member listed as having a lot of noona fans, though.

When they clicked to find out who the second member that was loved most by noonas was, it took a funny turn. After seeing his photo pop up, Minhyuk couldn’t resist asking, “Then Joohoney has a lot of noona fans?

Following a long pause, Joohoney caused the staff to crack up when saying, “I have a lot of male fans.” Though Hyungwon laughed in the back and Minhyuk was still confused, Kihyun had evidence to “prove that it’s true.

Kihyun recalled a past schedule where male law enforcement were the ones cheering on Joohoney. Kihyun said, “Back when we went to a local event, the cops, they were like, ‘Oh, Joohoney!‘” Minhyuk confirmed, “They know Joohoney.

From noonas to police officers, MONSTA X’s unique color draws everyone in. Check out how each member contributes to the diversity of their male and female fans are here.