MONSTA X Reveals Which Member’s Visuals Look Better In Real Life

Kihyun’s friends agreed the member shines brighter in real life.

Although all the members of MONSTA X are handsome, there’s one that looks even more handsome when seeing them in person.

I.M and Minhyuk.

During the group’s appearance on IDDP, Joohoney found something interesting written on his internet profile. He read it out loud, “He looks way better in person.” The accuracy impressed Minhyuk, who clapped and said, “Oh!

Kihyun also confirmed that it was true by sharing the experiences of those who’d met Joohoney in real life. Kihyun said, “My friends told me that he looks way better in person.

The compliment was a double-edged sword for Joohoney. He said, “I actually got stressed. Because I’m a celebrity, I have to come out well on screen.

Joohoney shared how people reacted to his different appearances on stage and in person, expressing how it was originally upsetting to receive those compliments.

‘Your face is so small in real life.’ Then I feel bad. [Those are] kind words, but I felt bad at first.

— Joohoney

Joohoney doesn’t have to worry. Even when he’s on stage, he’s handsome whether he’s being a cutie or charismatic. If he’s even more good-looking in real life, no one will be able to handle it.

See them put the spotlight on the member who will amaze you with his visuals in real life.