MONSTA X Minhyuk’s Most Flirtatious Interaction With A Fan Got Caught On Camera… And It’s Dreamy AF

“Tell me you love me.”

Back in March 2019, when MONSTA X held a fan meeting where the members and Monbebes shared invaluable time connecting with each other, Minhyuk shared the sweetest interaction with one Monbebe — and it was all caught on camera. The fan herself  added subtitles to the video, to share what Minhyuk said in the moment. And the conversation revealed what a flirty king he is!

When the Monbebe showed up dressed to impress, Minhyuk noticed. He complimented her style and became curious about her fragrant perfume.

Minhyuk: You look pretty today! What is this scent? You smell really good.
Monbebe: Burberry, I think… Oh wait no, Hermes.

Minhyuk and the Monbebe took their time sniffing each other…

Minhyuk: Oh no wonder it’s so fragrant. Here, smell mine.
Monbebe: (Sniffs)

… when the Monbebe slipped how she really felt inside. Minhyuk couldn’t help but find her nervousness adorable:

Monbebe: Gosh, I’m so nervous.
Minhyuk: What do you mean? Why? Hm?
Monbebe: I’m nervous because you’re so good-looking.
Minhyuk: Like, all of a sudden? Just like that?
Monbebe: (Laughs)
Minhyuk: Come on, you’ve never been like this.

Minhyuk tried to make the Monbebe feel comfortable with him…

Minhyuk: You’re never like this.
Monbebe: It’s because I’ve always loved you.
Minhyuk: Yeah? Tell me you love me.
Monbebe: I love you.
Minhyuk: Like really really?
Monbebe: Really really.

… but it ended up being the most flirtatious interaction ever…

Monbebe: I mean it!
Minhyuk: Mmmmmhm!

… and the video has since kept K-Pop fans all over the world swooning, hard.

Watch the full clip here:

Source: THEQOO