MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Overcomes His Fear Of Water By Obtaining Scuba Diving License

“There’s nothing you can’t do.”

MONSTA X recently sat down at KBS Cool FM Kang Hanna’s Volume Up radio show to talk about their latest comeback with “Gambler” and other personal aspects!


During the episode, Minhyuk brought up his fear of water. Minhyuk commented that although he has a fear of water, he obtained a scuba diving license.


Minhyuk revealed that overcoming his fear of water wasn’t easy and there were several moments he felt he should simply give up.

Every time I would jump into the water, I would tell the instructor ‘I can’t do it.’ I would ask them to bring me back out of the water. I realized, however, that if I close my eyes and grit my teeth, I can do it. There’s nothing you can’t do. That’s what I learned, but I do feel like I would get scared to do it even now. But that’s the goal. The fear doesn’t ever disappear, but there is something to gain from it.

— Minhyuk

| @volumeup891/Instagram


Despite Minhyuk getting a bit more used to the water, he admitted the water is still a bit scary for him, but he’s definitely progressing.

It still seems scary even now, but isn’t that the goal? It doesn’t eliminate the fear, but there are things to be gained.

— Minhyuk


Other members of the group also expressed the kinds of licenses they want to obtain. Kihyun shared he’d like to acquire a license to drive heavy machinery.

I want to get a license to drive heavy machinery, an excavator, and a trailer driving license.

— Kihyun


Jooheon commented he used to have an interest in obtaining a Korean food license.

I wanted to become a sweet man, so I wanted to get a Korean food license, but these days, my interest has dropped a lot.

— Jooheon


The members of MONSTA X are smart and clearly multi-talented so any dream is easily achievable for them!