MONSTA X Has A New Main Vocalist And It May Not Be Who You Expect

Hint: he’s a rapper.

During a Japanese concert, MONSTA X performed a different version of “Shoot Out.”

Without any background music, Kihyun sang the beginning of his lines for the chorus.

Joohoney finished the lines by powerfully singing the signature “Shoot out, Shoot out, Shoot out.”

His voice was so strong and stable that he could change his position from rapper to main vocalist AND rapper.

This isn’t the first time he’s displayed his killer vocals either. He just shines in this cover of Bruno Mars‘s “Versace On The Floor” starting at 43 seconds.

There’s also his opening lines in “Play It Cool”.

Although Joohoney is one of the group’s rappers, along with I.M, his vocals are on par with that of a main vocalist. Kihyun may have to watch out. Joohoney might join him and they’d both be the main vocalists.