MONSTA X Is The Real Expectations Vs. Reality In Dorm Life

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Some idol groups project many images to their fans. In MONSTA X‘s case though, there is no in between.

Netizens noticed this when they compared the images of MONSTA X’s dorm life to each other. In one picture, the members are angelically lying down, wearing varying pastel-colored onesies with their personal stuffed toys in the background. They look like the perfect pretty boys.


The next picture though shows the reality, according to netizens. The members walk around shirtless, sit in whatever way they’re most comfortable, and even wear their own concert shirts. This time, they’re the perfect manly men.


In the comments section, fans didn’t miss the opportunity to plug-in pictures of the personal gym the members have in their own dorm.

No, actually, this is their real dorm:

– Korean Netizen

Whether it’s pretty boys or manly men or gym bod’ goals, fans agree that MONSTA X can pull off anything.

Source: Nate