MONSTA X Reveal Which Artists And Directors They’d Like To Collaborate With

MONSTA X as actors, yes please!

On an episode of Portrait Mode for Harper’s BAZAAR, MONSTA X revealed who they’d like to collaborate with!

They were asked to choose between any artist, group, producer or director they’d like to collaborate with. Hyungwon was the first to answer, enthusiastically saying that he’d like to work with soloist Lee Hi.

“I love her voice!” he said.

If you’re a Monbebe, you could probably predict Shownu‘s answer: The Weeknd! Shownu often talks about how much he likes The Weeknd and even did a dance cover of his song, “Heartless.”

“I love The Weeknd!” said Shownu excitedly. “He sings very well and his voice is amazing. I love him.”

Joohoney picked the music video director and filmmaker Colin Tilley, who has worked with Western artists such as Jason Derulo, Shawn Mendes, J. Balvin and many others.

“He’s a very good music video director,” said Joohoney. “I love him.”

Minhyuk joked that they should work with him for their next title track, and Joohoney wholeheartedly agreed!

“Colin Tilley, call me!”

When it came to Kihyun, he picked director James Cameron! He has directed incredibly famous movies such as Avatar and Titanic, so Kihyun had a simple explanation: “It’d just be nice if he made a movie about us.”

When it came to I.M, his answer wowed his bandmates: Quentin Tarantino!

“I like his movies,” he said. “I want [to be in] a movie like his.”

Quentin Tarantino may actually be a great fit for MONSTA X, given that their music video for “Love Killa” featured the members dressed as characters from famous thriller movies–right up Tarantino’s alley!

You can watch their interview with Harper’s BAZAAR below!

Source: YouTube


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