MONSTA X Reveals How Entering Their 7th Year Has Changed Their Perspective And Their Goals

“To say thank you… doesn’t cover everything.”

MONSTA X recently dropped their newest song, “GAMBLER,” from their ninth mini-album One of a Kind! Fans were more excited than usual as this album was the first time member Joohoney produced a title track.

It’s an album that showcases 100% of MONSTA X’s unique purity. Just like the aspiration you feel in our album title One of a Kind, we expressed our own colorful styles through each track and we paid a lot of attention to the visual aspects of our performance. My members also adopted the ‘GAMBLER’ concept really well. Even though I do cherish it a bit more because it’s a song I wrote, there are a lot of points to it besides the music.


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This album came seven months after “Fatal Love,” giving the fans a somewhat longer time to wait. Minhyuk commented that all of the members worked extremely hard on the album because they really wanted good feedback. He shared, “…we’re people who gain the most strength from our fans’ support.

Although we said we were on hiatus for seven months, we’ve greeted you through individual promotions in our own fields. I promoted solo for the first time in February when I released DUALITY, but having to do everything on my own made me miss my members a lot.



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The group also talked about what Shownu was doing during those months as he is sitting out of the promotions due to health issues. They revealed that luckily, they had everything for the album organized very early on, so filming with Shownu was completed without any problems. However, of course, Shownu is disappointed that he can’t promote with his group. The doctor said that he is looking much better, though.

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MONSTA X celebrated their sixth anniversary on May 14 and are now entering their seventh year as a group. They commented on how that fact has changed their perspectives and how they want to move forward.

These days, I think about whether I would have been able to make it to this point if it weren’t for my members. To say ‘thank you’ to my members and fans for being with me for the past six years doesn’t cover everything. In the future, I want to become a group that isn’t embarrassing for Monbebe.


Hyungwon shared that saying that they were in their seventh year feels weird. He often wonders how it has already been seven years since their debut but remembers just how much happened to bring them to where they are today. Of course, Hyungwon hopes that his fans will be with him during all the memories they create in the future.


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For One of a Kind and 2021 specifically, the boys want to be able to show all sides of themselves. Kihyun revealed, “Whether it’s music, performance, or any other aspect, I want to hear that we’re a completed group.” He continued, “Although we’ve been on stage with many different concepts up until now, I think that the image we show in ‘GAMBLER’ will make you feel a freshness that’s different from the usual MONSTA X.” He added that he hoped that this year he could be able to meet with his fans consistently.

I.M answered similarly, hoping that they will show that MONSTA X is a group without a limit. They hope that they can show their different colors individually but match well as a group. He added, “…our most important goal for 2021 is to finish healthy, with not one person being hurt.

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To finish, the boys sent messages to their fans.

Just as much as you waited, we will greet you with our best image on stage. Please look forward to this album as we prepared very hard for it and the performance is incredibly powerful so the image Monbebe like will appear in front of your eyes. Thank you for always supporting us from the same place. Please be with us for these promotions too. I love you.


Hyungwon added that he hopes the fans smile and become happy with this album. He stated that the group was always gaining strength for the fans’ love and support, so he hopes that the fans can heal just as much with them.

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Since it’s the first time we’re promoting a title track with my name on it, I think these promotions are not only special to me, but also to Monbebe. The scaffold by which I was able to grow like this is all thanks to Monbebe. I produced this thinking of what image Monbebe would like so I hope you like it.


See the boys’ powerful performance in “GAMBLER” down below!

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