MONSTA X Send The Funniest Goodbye To Monbebes Leaving The Fan Meeting Early

They only want what’s best for Monbebes.

During MONSTA X‘s recent fan meeting, some Monbebes tried to step out early because they had to catch the last bus/subway ride home. When the members realized this, they extended the warmest — and inevitably, considering the humorous nature of the group, the funniest — goodbyes, which other Monbebes caught on camera.


As soon as I.M and the other members noticed some Monbebes getting ready to leave, they all began making comments — creating this most chaotic, beautiful goodbye moment:

I.M: You have to go?
Minhyuk: Can everyone make way please?
Joohoney: Taxi? Taxi?
Hyungwon: Guys, if you have to catch that last ride, you can leave. It’s OK.
Minhyuk: Last ride! You must leave now! It’s really okay!
Shownu: We’re grateful that you were here.
Minhyuk: Have a safe trip home. Watch out for cars.
Joohoney: Hope you catch that ride! Hurry on!
Minhyuk: Just go, just go.
Kihyun: You’re going to miss it!


So as some Monbebes began to leave and apologize for leaving early, the members kept telling them that it is absolutely okay. The members’ personalities showed even in the ways they said goodbye. For example, Minhyuk, the sweetheart, was busy chirping away — trying to help the fans leave on time, saying all his goodbyes at once, reassuring the fans it is perfectly fine and wishing them a safe trip home.


Joohoney, on the other hand, who is best known for his playful personality, teased the fans rushing out of the space by repeatedly telling them to succeed at catching their rides home. He and Kihyun even fought over the single microphone, trying to get their voices heard by the Monbebes on the run!

I hope you make it! Make it on that last ride! You can make it! You have to make it, okay? Get on that ride! Get on it…!

— Joohoney


While some fans couldn’t stay til the end, all in all Monbebes loved and thoroughly appreciated the members’ sincerest and most adorable goodbyes.

Watch MONSTA X and Monbebes’ hilariously sweet parting here: