This Performance Of MONSTA X’s “Shoot Out” Is Trending Worldwide For A Very Good Reason

Everyone wants to know who the “green-haired guy” is!

If you didn’t catch MONSTA X‘s special “Shoot Out” performance at 2018 MAMA Fans Choice in Japan, you’ve been missing out because everyone is going crazy for the group’s sexy and revealing performance.


The group recently took to the stage in Japan to perform their latest hit and let’s just say from the moment they started singing, everyone had fallen under their spell.


With mesmerizing vocals, undeniably amazing dance moves, and visuals for days…


It’s not hard to see why the crowd was going wild.


Although everyone was definitely entranced by the group, a single loosened button by Wonho was what sent everyone over the edge!


At the end of the group’s impressive dance break, Wonho’s shirt button loosened to reveal his chiseled body underneath.


The appearance of Wonho’s muscles combined with everything else was almost too much for anyone to handle!


Everyone from Wanna One…


To Monbebes were left speechless!


But they weren’t the only ones who were blown away by the big reveal. Shortly after the performance, netizens took to the internet and were desperate to know who the “green-haired guy” was!


Of course, Monbebes were only too happy to introduce the soft-hearted and talented singer to them…


And Wonho and MONSTA X soon became a trending topic online!


Now make sure to check out the full performance below and prepare yourself to be blown away!